Research paper breast cancer awareness health essay

Breast Cancer Essay

Almost every month except August and December, any kind of cancer is celebrated throughout the year. It is so common that we see the symbols of Breast Cancer and see the advertisements but we do not know specifically the purpose for it. Many people just like the symbol because it is a pretty pink bow that they have never seen before and others hardly miss seeing. Thesis Statement: While both women and men can also get the breast cancer disease there is a cure with awareness to breast cancer.

Disease which is a malignant cancer 2. Cells forms within the tissue of the breast 3. Victims are shocked 4. Both men and women get this disease 5. Women will be diagnosed more than men II. Breast Cancer Awareness Cancer cells can grow on any part of your body, and start when cells begin to grow out of control and eventually become invasive.

What is breast cancer? The lobules end in tiny bulbs that produce milk, the bulbs, lobes, and lobules are all linked by thin tube called ducts. Breasts also contain blood and lymph vessels. Lymph vessels. Breast Cancer Advertisements 1 Criteria for Comparison Cancer that starts in the tissues of the breast is known as breast cancer. The national breast cancer awareness is vastly known throughout the entire month of October in the United States.

How does it relate to women today? When is it appropriate to talk to a doctor? As the most recognized form of cancer in the United States breast cancer affects so many women today.

It is a disease that does not distinguish between race, religion and social status. In more recent cases, many young women are being diagnosed with aggressive forms of breast cancer. Komen Foundation, in a campaign that runs every October to raise Breast Cancer Awareness and encourage women 40 years and older to get their annual screenings. Of the million Americans who watch football each week, about 40 million are women, making this an effective.

MD September 19th, Table of Content: 1. Introduction ………………………………………………………………………….Type of paper: Essay. Any type of paper on any subject custom-written for you by the professionals. Breast cancer is the leading type of cancer seen in women these days Who.

Inan estimated 1. The highest rate of breast cancer was seen in females of Belgium. AGE: As mentioned earlier, increasing age increases the risk of breast cancer.

HRT: Hormone replacement therapy taken by patients for any other condition makes them prone to the disease. Org, Damage to DNA or any genetic mutation can lead to breast cancer. Abnormal exposure to estrogen also predisposes to cancer. STAGE 3: Tumor is of 2 inches, lymph node of axilla involved, along with the lymph nodes of the surrounding areas of breast.

Breast Cancer Risk Factors. Breast cancer survival rates by stage. Breast Cancer Stages: What are the Stages? Breast cancer incidence statistics : Cancer Research UK. Warning Signs of Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer Pathophysiology. News Medical. Breast cancer prevention: How to reduce your risk - Mayo Clinic.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

RACE: White women are more susceptible to develop breast cancer. Breast Cancer. Nuclear Weapon.Breast Cancer is that form of cancer which has started affecting hundreds and thousands of women around the world. Not a long time ago the term was not even familiar in masses like it has become now. Every other day, we listen and see the ads in magazines or the diagnosis being found for the breast cancer. Awareness campaigns magazines ads and newspapers either tell us every single day about any case found of breast cancer, the symptoms, the diagnosis and the signs which appear with the instructions especially for women to get checked once in a while.

Although this disease is more common in women but men also fall prey to the breast cancer. With everyday awareness campaigns, women are more inclined to know about the disease and get them checked instead of ignoring this life taking disease.

The awareness has been initiated for the breast cancer in order to create awareness among the masses about a certain issue which is serious yet neglected to great extent. It is to enhance our communication skills of a student of mass communication while propagating any message by using different tools.

One of my dear and highly respected teachers laid her life fighting with this killing disease, so the purpose is to awake all the women because you never know when and how the disease will attack you. This is highly sensitive issue which needs to be addressed because many people especially women are reluctant to talk about such topic.

It should be told to others as well. To tell people about the preventive measures to detect at early age of this disease because prevention is better than cure. God forbid if a woman is suffering from this disease, she would be known by the early methods of proper medication and treatment without any delay. The study aims to aware the women around the world on breast cancer and focuses mainly on the symptoms of the deadly disease and the measure that should be taken if one is diagnosed as a victim of the disease.

The history of breast cancer is back dated from hundred years in ancient Egypt. In the document there was enclosed the details of 40 cases of breast cancer which is the evidence that it has started in women many years ago. What actually is breast cancer? Breast cancer cells actually start to grow in chest at first.

The abnormal growth of cells in the healthy parts of the body becomes dangerous. The abnormal growth of malignant tumor in the cells which then invades the other parts of the body or spreads in the breast causes a problem resulting into Breast cancer which is one of the most dangerous diseases in women. The cells which forms the tissues are the actually the cells in which the cancer starts to grow. The process of the growth of the cells is disturbed sometimes making the news cells and the other old cells are not decayed or destroyed which makes the process dysfunctional.

When this abnormal growth starts it results in spreading cancer cells and making it breast cancer. They cells keep on splitting and dividing and not coming under the cellular control. The breast cancer is not of one kind though it has further kinds that are Ductal carcinoma in situ, Lobualr carcinoma in situ, Invasive ductal carcinoma starts in milk passage of womenInvasive lobular carcinoma produced in milk glands.

Breast Cancer has become the second largest cancer taking lives of women in America and the disease women fear mainly. According to a predication of experts, breast cancer developed inwomen in United States. There is now hope seen for the diagnosis in most of the cases of the Breast cancer because the treatments have been found in modern world.

Inthere was a treatment introduced for the breast cancer in which the breast with the entire with underarm lymph nodes and muscles underneath the breast used to be removed in the treatment process but in more than 30 years new treatments and diagnosis have been discovered in which no such procedure has to be adopted and operations are being done successfully on women.

The malignant tumor in cell when spreads results in breast cancer and these kinds of damaged cells when diagnosed at proper time and detected early could be treated but after a specific period of time chances become less. This is mostly seen in women and men seldom suffer from this disease.

Medical review- breast cancer guide. Research conducted tells that in United States that one out of eight women will be diagnosed as a breast cancer in their lifetime and is commonly diagnosed disease in America. Other than this it was said that approximatelywomen will be diagnose with the disease of breast cancer and approximately 40, will face the death by this deadly disease.The great cases of breast cancer are attributed to lack of information on and hard data on the disease, especially on early diagnosis and treatment options.

In America, breast cancer is among the top causes of cancer-related deaths, and the mortality rate is relatively high as compared to the neighboring countries.

Ironically, the money made from this marketing will often not significantly benefit somebody with breast cancer. The pink ribbon was originally created by the Susan G Komen foundation yet anybody can use this symbol, because there is no intellectual copyright on it. Introduction Cancer is a term that every individual on this planet wants to avoid hearing when they go to their yearly check up at the doctors.

However, as person ages, they are prone to develop some sort of sickness and most of the time, they could develop cancer of some sort. For this research paper, I am going to go over breast cancer. Breast cancer is a well-known type of cancer with awareness events going on to support both women and men who has breast cancer.

According to American Cancer Society. Even though there are many different kinds of cancer, they all begin with abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. Malignant means that it can spread to other parts of the body or Metastasize. If the breast is the original location of the cancer growth or malignant tumor, the tumor. Breast cancer knows neither racial boundaries nor age restrictions. Females of all ages and ethnicities can develop breast cancer and it is the leading most common cancer among women.

Calling attention to this often fatal disease is important by supporting its victims, families and friends of victims, as well as raising funds for breast cancer research. Though males are not immune from developing a breast cancer, for the purposes of this. Skylar Steinman Period 6 Ms. Jobsz 12 FebruaryBreast Cancer It is commonly known that Breast Cancer is one of the most insidious diseases that mankind has had to deal with.

Knowing this it is very important to try to detect the mutation. Breast cancer begins when a tumor is formed in the tissues of the breasts. The tumor travels to surrounding tissues by blood cells.

Breast cancer is more likely to develop in women than men. Depending on the individual. Breast Cancer Disease Overview Breast cancer is a disease in which certain cells in the breast become abnormal and multiply uncontrollably to form a tumor.

Breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. Only skin cancer is more common. About one in eight women in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. Researchers estimate that more thannew cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in U. Cancers occur when a. Breast cancer Introduction to Breast cancer Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer only surpassed by lung cancer.

It involves a cancerous tumour located inside the breast but spreads if treatment is not administered. Evert et al Breast cancer can be treated if diagnosed in its early stages but becomes progressively more difficult upon reaching more advancing malignant stages.

Breast cancer can be confused with being a female only disease however both sexes suffer.Breast Cancer is one of the most common cancers in women and is a disease by which the cells in the breast area grow out of control.

Breast cancer tends to begin in the ducts or lobules of a breast and there are different types of cancer. In the US alone 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer at some stage in their lives. The mutations block the use of the G1, G2, and M checkpoints in the cell […]. For women in the U.

Free Breast Cancer Essays and Papers

To further complicate the issue, breast cancer is a highly heterogeneous disease with different molecular subtypes as well. Breast cancer is a disease in which most commonly occurs in all women no matter their size, shape, race, or ethnicity.

About one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer every year, a fatal disease if not discovered early.

research paper breast cancer awareness health essay

Early detection of breast cancer is key so that cancerous cells found in the […]. Breast cancer is always personal. As a physician who counsels women at different steps during the healing process, I am acutely aware of this undeniable fact. Every decision she makes from the point at which she is diagnosed with breast cancer will require her focused engagement and a physician who is central to understanding her […].

Summary Despite the fact that Caucasian women in the United States have a higher incidence rate of breast cancer than any other racial group, African-Americans succumb notably worse to the disease and record the highest mortality rate. To comprehend the barriers and challenges that predispose African-American women to these disparities, this research was conducted to […]. Breast cancer is an uncontrolled growth of breast cell that can be benign, not dangerous, but it can also metastasize and invade different and distant tissues in our body.

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in female of any age and although the risk increases, as you get older, many different factors affect the […]. This paper will clarify what Breast Cancer is. It will explain the symptoms, treatment options, and other useful information regarding this disease. The first thing to know about Breast Cancer is understanding what it is. According to the Cancer.

The […]. Executive Summary Breast cancer is concerning a large number of female individuals worldwide. This disease comes from abnormally developed breast tissue, which usually begins in either lobules or ducts of the breast.

research paper breast cancer awareness health essay

Generally speaking, breast cancer is divided into two types—non-invasive and invasive. The core criteria to distinguish in between these two types of […]. Breast cancer can affect the breasts, cells, glands, and […]. Abstract:In recent years, the cell membrane bionic nanoparticles as a new drug delivery system is widely used in small molecule drugs, vaccines and targeted delivery of macromolecular drugs, because of its inherited the specific receptors on the cell membrane and membrane proteins can be used to implement specific targeted delivery, and the tumor showed a […].

Abstract Background — Breast cancer predisposition has been known to be caused by hereditary factors. Method — In this review we discuss the advantages of exome sequencing and how it could help in understanding the familial […]. Hundreds and thousands of people are affected by cancer each year; it is one of the most fatal diseases and a leading cause of death and disability for humans Iranifam There are several types of cancer than can affect different areas of the body, some being less life-threatening than others.

A vast amount of […]. Breast cancer is often known as an aggressive cancer. It is formed when cells grow uncontrollably in the tissues of the breast that lead to a tumor.

Overindividuals are diagnosed yearly. Introduction: Precision medicine is concerned in diagnosis of patients according to their biological, genetic and molecular status B As cancer is a genetic disease, its treatment comes among the first medical disciplines as an application of precision medicine. A Breast cancer is a highly complex, heterogeneous and multifactorial disease as well as it is one […].

Breast cancer is found in women of different ages and ethnicities, […].Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among women in the United States. In alone, there have already been 39, deaths from breast cancer. Big foundations like Susan G. Komen for the Cure, small college clubs like Bryant Universities CAC, and individuals like Julie Grimm have been making a difference in breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer is no longer a taboo subject and receives a lot of money for research.

Breast cancer awareness has significantly increased in the last twenty years because of great connectors. The Susan G. Komen for the Cure has been a huge success in breast cancer awareness.

Nancy Brinker, sister of Susan G. Komen and founder of the foundation has been a powerful connector. Nancy Brinker is a hardworking person, working up to 20 hours a day. She learns from other people like her husband, experts, and her advisory teams.

research paper breast cancer awareness health essay

Nancy Brinker inspires by example, transferring her motivation, and showing results. She also has strong marketing skills. Nancy Brinker spreads the word about breast cancer to younger people by being tech-savvy and posting on social networks. Her international, million-dollar organization raised 1. College clubs have also made a difference in raising breast cancer awareness.

They have a Breast Cancer Awareness week on their campus and in their town. There are many events that happen during breast cancer awareness week. One event that takes place during breast cancer awareness week is cookie decorating with pink frosting. There is a raffle and a walk for breast cancer called Making Strides organized by the Center for Student Involvement. Julie Grimm is a local connector for breast cancer awareness, from Golden, Colorado. She has recently created a planner called Ready For Recovery.

She organizes benefit events by connecting all of her different worlds.Introduction Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women and 70 percentage of breast cancer is caused by the over expression of Estrogen receptor ER. ER represents a viable and important pharmaceutical target against cancer. It is targeted by pharmaceutical agents for hormone replacement in menopausal women and reproductive cancers such as prostate cancer, uterine cancer and breast cancer [1].

Breast Cancer Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. There are many different types of cancer that are affecting people all over. Breast Cancer is one of these, and is found in man and women. Overwomen and 1, men have been diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

One in eight women will detect breast cancer in their lifetime.

research paper breast cancer awareness health essay

Men are less than one percent of the cases of breast cancer that are detected. Although prevention is not yet available, early. Breast Cancer The thought of having breast cancer is frightening to every woman, and devastating to some. However, ignoring the possibility that you may get breast cancer, or avoiding the things you should do to detect and avoid cancer, can be even more dangerous. Breast cancer is a devastating disease that may affect one out of nine women in the United States.

Raising Awareness of Male Breast Cancer

This year alone, a patient will be diagnosed every three minutes and a woman will die from breast cancer every thirteen minutes. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, it accounts for one of every three diagnoses in the United States.

Breast cancers are malignancies, life threatening tumors that develops in one or both breasts. A female breast consists of fatty and fibrous connective tissues. The interior of the breast is divided into about twenty different sections called lobes.

Each of the lobes is further divided in to lobules, which are structures that contain small milk-producing glands. These glands. Breast Cancer Facts and Research Breast cancer is cancer that develops from breast tissue. The signs of breast cancer might include a change in the breast size, dimpling of the skin on your body, a lump in the breast, fluid coming from the breast nipple, or ever red patchy skin around the breast.

When the breast cancer spreading, there might be swollen lymph nodes, shortness of breath, yellow skin or bone aches.

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