Descriptive essay on a visit to a railway station

A Scene at Railway Station.

An Essay on -Your Visit to a Railway station

A railway station is an interesting place. It is a human museum or a fair of human faces. Yesterday, I went to the Railway Station to see off my friend.

We reached their half an hour earlier than the time arrival of the train. There were only a few persons in a queue before the booking office window. We bought tickets and went to the platform. There was a big crowd of people. The coolies were carrying luggage from one platform to another. Some passengers were looking in the direction of the incoming train. All the waiting rooms were over crowded. There were some passengers in the refreshment room. There was a great rush at the tea stalls at the refreshment the train reached in then everybody was hurry.

People were trying to get good capacity. People threw language through the windows. There was a great rush in and out. The hawkers were crying the names of their wares at the top of their voices. Watermen were supplying water at thirsty passengers. Porters were loading and unloading parcels from out of the parcel van.

descriptive essay on a visit to a railway station

The whole station staff was busy. Luckily, my friend got a comfortable seat in the second class compartment. The guard whistled and waved the green flag.If you are looking for a few exciting railway station paragraphs and essays, then you are into the right place. I will provide a few sample writing of essays and paragraphs in this particular top.

These railway station essays are really easy to learn. You can use them in your examination because they are unique and written by expert English teachers. A railway station is a place where a train comes, takes passenger, down passengers. The railway station is an extremely busy spot in every city. There are railways stations in every city. In good stations, there are good facilities.

Lots of people gather in a station. A huge amount of vehicles stay parked outside. People are really busy there. You know the train is really good transport for a long journey and people prefer to journey by train.

A railway station has few platforms where people wait for their expected trains. The railway station has so many shops and hawkers, who sell their product to the people who arrive there.

A railway station is full of gathering and lots of people. I never visited a railway station before, but a few days earlier I got that experience. And I will share it here today. One of my friends Sahil informed me that one of his uncles is coming from Delhi and we need to pick him up from our station. I agreed because I was looking for the chance to go there.

In the day, we went there at 10 AM and his train arrival time was But the train was more one hour late, that made us really bored.My father had to go there to receive his friend, who was coming to Delhi from Hyderabad. So, I went along my father to receive my uncle. There was a human sea all round and a great hustle and bustle everywhere.

There were lots of cars, scooters, cabs and auto-rickshaws, waiting to pick-up friends, relatives and passengers. This short essay on the topic is suitable for students of class 6 and below. People were waiting at ticket windows to make last-minute reservations for their journey. Many others were crowding the enquiry window for whatever information they needed.

Everyone seemed to be in a great hurry and the noise was deafening. After buying the platform tickets, we went in. Departure and arrival times of various trains were being announced on the public address system.

The hawkers were shouting, trying to sell their wares. Then, there were the passengers, rushing from one platform to another, with porters carrying their heavy luggage. All this also added to the din. As soon as a train arrived at the platform, there was even more confusion.

People wanted to get into the train before it had completely stopped. This caused some discomfort to those passengers who were waiting to get off. Everyone was shouting. Ticket checkers were standing at the exit gates, collecting tickets.

Other railway staff were busy making various checks on the train. Some others were busy in the brake van, loading luggage and taking it off. Although it was very noisy, I think I had a good time at the railway station that day, watching all the activity and excitement. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.I was overjoyed to learn that my friend Rohit was coming to Lucknow to spend the Christmas vacation with me.

I decided to receive him at the railway station. The thought of meeting him after a gap of five years exhilarated me. On the appointed day I got up early in the morning and was at the railway station by 7 AM, the estimated time of arrival of Lucknow Mail.

On reaching the station I was informed that the train was an hour late. Cursing the railways for their inefficiency, I trudged along to the enquiry office to enquire about the exact status of the train. The clerk at the counter seemed uncooperative.

After some prodding, he informed that there was a derailment at Hardoi, about 60 KM from Lucknow, which had delayed the train. Since it was unadvisable to return home, I decided to wait and looked around for a place to park myself. To my dismay there was none, for the platform was milling with people.

There were passengers waiting for trains, while others like me were waiting to receive their near and dear ones. There were still others, sleeping on the floor with their luggage under their head.

An occasional dog or cow would make a detour of the place, looking for eatables left by passengers. A bull probably attracted by my red jacket, headed towards me. Fearing that it would butt me, I thought it prudent to move away. It however had no such intention, for it picked up a banana peel lying before me.

descriptive essay on a visit to a railway station

Feeling tired and exhausted, I took a cup of tea from a vendor. While sipping it, I saw a train screech to a halt on the platform. There was great commotion as people on the platform rushed in, to take their seat, making it difficult for passengers to disembark.

There was much shouting and confusion. In this hullabaloo, a lady who had just disembarked from the train yelled, that her chain had been snatched.

Hearing her shout, a lad standing close to her, broke into a run. He came rushing towards me, to escape from the exit passage behind me. I instinctively flung the cup of hot tea on his face. This startled him and in no time I With the help of other passengers overpowered him. The lady thanked me profusely for my presence of mind.

descriptive essay on a visit to a railway station

The culprit was handed over to the railway police who arrested him. A little later I was relieved to hear the announcement of the arrival of the Lucknow Mail. As the train rolled in, I found my friend standing in one of the compartments waving out to me. It was a happy reunion, as we hugged each other like long lost friends. All the din, dirt and the clamour was lost on us, as we walked away from the station with his baggage in tow.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Reached the station and learnt that the train was an hour late. Scene at the station. An incident at the station.Railway stations are one of the most hectic places one can ever witness. I was told by mom that I have to accompany her to escort a distant aunt who is going to visit us after a very long time. I happily agreed because I never visited the railway station before.

The train timing was 3pm. So we decided to reach there in advance by half an hour. As soon as we entered the station i saw how busy place it is. There were few platforms and trains were coming and going, picking and dropping passengers.

There were people waiting on the benches for their respective trains and also many people seem to be waiting just like us to escort somebody. Announcements were continuously heard about trains.

Also, a digital board was hanged at the top where display of train and timings were given. There were many stalls inside the railway station like a small mini market, selling items such as magazines, biscuits, parathas, etc. They were setup for meeting some basic needs of passengers who are on the way. Chai walas were selling tea. There were ticket counters, Coolies, clerks, etc and all seemed quite busy in their own duties.

There were bathrooms too. And my ears seemed to get no rest from the continuous noises of people talking, train horns, etc. Also there were beggars singing for money. I handed over a ten rupee note which I had. It was already an hour passed and the train we were waiting for seemed to be coming late.

After a wait of half an hour extra, our aunt came down from the train which has just arrived at the platform. We exchanged a few words of welcome and warm regards. In no time we departed from the station and headed home.

Visit to a Railway station | Essay on Visit to a Railway Station

Because of this composition l have got the highest marks in the exam. My teacher said to me that -my composition is the best in the class. Because of this composition l have become 1st in the class.

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Descriptive Essay Topic – The Scene At The Railway Station

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descriptive essay on a visit to a railway station

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