Bibliography of marketing management company job

Provided by James R. Martin, Ph. Aaker, D. The power of the branded differentiator. Abbey, J. Ketzenberg and R. A more profitable approach to product returns. Abdel-Khalik, A. Advertising effectiveness and accounting policy. The Accounting Review October : JSTOR link.

Acimovic, J. Lim and H. Beyond the speed-price trade-off. Adamson, B. Dixon and N. The end of solution sales. Dismantling the sales machine. Harvard Business Review November : Adjei, M. Noble and S. Enhancing relationships with customers through online brand communities. Adomavicius, G. Bockstedt, S. Curley, J. Zhang and S. The hidden side effects of recommendation systems. Research note: Customer intimacy and cross-selling strategy.

Management Science June : Algesheimer, R. Do customer communities pay off? Allen, R. Factors influencing market penetration. Management Science September : Allon, G.A career in marketing can take you in several different directions. Marketing is comprised of many facets and activities. Marketing can be defined as being the intermediary function between product development and sales.

Think of it as the storehouse for such things as advertising, public relationsmedia planning, sales strategy, and more. It's the marketing professional's job to create, manage, and enhance brands. This ensures that consumers look beyond the price and function of a product or service when they are weighing consumption options. A key part of a career in marketing is to understand the needs, preferences, and constraints that define the target group of consumers or the market niche corresponding to the brand.

This is done by market research. Marketing is used in every company, every industry, so career potential is unlimited. There are career tracks in marketing that you can follow. You can find many opportunities in marketing in the following categories:. Let's take a closer look at each of these categories and find the one that best fits your personality. This career involves researching the intended target. That target can be companies or individuals.

In order for a company to capture a market, it must first be able to understand that market. Research involves the first process of understanding the consumer, what their needs are, what their purchasing habits are, and how they view themselves in relation to the rest of the world. Doing this enables researchers to collect data on a specific brand's target. Market research can be done in-house, or a company may hire a specialized firm to conduct the research.

This is the career track you hear about most often. It is the key function in the consumer products industry. They are always focused on the big picture. It is their job to instill the brand's essence, map out their competitors in their brand's category, identify marketing opportunities, and be able to communicate the unique benefits of that product or service effectively. Once the research is complete, it is the brand manager's job to analyze the data that's been collected then develop a marketing strategy.

It is also then the brand manager's job to ensure that other functions such as promotions, market research, research and development, and manufacturing are orchestrated to implement the strategy that they have developed. Starting salaries in brand management are good, with career and compensation advancement based on achievement. If you decide that advertising is the career track you wish to pursue you will find that advertisers work with all aspects of marketing from strategy to concept to the execution of the strategy.

You will find that most jobs on the business side of advertising include Account Management, Account Planners, and Media Buyers. Account managers act as the liaison between the agency's various departments and the client. Their job is to manage the execution of ads by making sure that they are created within the allocated schedule and budget. Account Planners focus more on the consumer. They use that research to get to know what motivates their behavior in the marketplace.

They use the demographic study that is done by the Account Planner to decide the best possible place to purchase ad space. Careers in advertising involve variety, compensation based on performance, creativity, travel, satisfaction from seeing ones' personal accomplishments, and contact with others. It is not uncommon to find a dedicated promotions team in marketing firms.

This team works on creating programs that unite advertising to purchase incentives such as special discounts, coupons, samples, gifts with purchase, rebates, and sweepstakes. It is the responsibility of the Public relations department to manage communication with the media, consumers, employees, investors, and the general public. They are considered the spokespeople for the company.

To do well in Public Relations, you must have strong communication skills, the ability to articulate both with the written and spoken word, be able to understand a variety of people, be confident, and be able to learn quickly what your clients do to communicate their messages effectively.

Public Relations professionals should also be quick thinkers, and persuasive as well as have an outgoing personality and the will to be assertive.This biography example is for a Chief Marketing Officer, but it could be modified to write a bio for any type of management or marketing position.

John Smith is Chief Marketing Officer at Handry Technologies, with responsibility for marketing programs, brand management, and corporate sponsorships. Prior to joining Handry Technologies, he worked in strategic business development and marketing at several companies, and served in staff positions in state government.

Notable is his four years as Vice President of Business Development for Klinen Katz, where he directed major sponsorship and other partnering initiatives. John is also a frequent and highly rated speaker on industry related topics. John is past chairman of the board of directors of the National Marketing Association and a member of the advisory board of the New Media Forum. He has also done volunteer work for the United Way, including heading up the campaign in his community.

He lives in Dallas with his wife, their three children and two cranky cats. In his free time, John likes to race sports cars and is a high-performance driving instructor.There are many things a potential customer or client wants to know about your company before doing business with you. When done properly, a company bio tells people everything they need to know about your company and gives them a sense of why they should do business with you.

There are some things to keep in mind when writing a company bio, from the elements to include to the tone to use.

How to Write a Company Biography

People like to know who they are doing business with. The biography of a company allows you to tell them what they want to know and control your brand. Through your company biography, you can let people know what your business is, what sets it apart and why they should do business with you.

You can establish your expertise, longevity and how a customer can benefit from using your product. How you write your company bio helps to establish trust in your services or product and encourage people to use them. You can choose to be reflective, personal or even a little bit sarcastic in a bio, depending on the type of client you want to appeal to.

The biography of a company can be as long or as short as you prefer, but should always include similar elements. No matter what corporate biography template you use, you should include the following:.

Instead of a bulleted list of these items, you should take a sentence or two or even a paragraph or two to really flush them out. Explain why the founder s decided to open the business. If the company had a unique or interesting beginning, describe it.

For example, if the first location of a retail chain was opened in a converted cow barn, this would be an interesting tidbit to share. Add information such as the amount of start-up capital that was required or the initial number of employees.

bibliography of marketing management company job

It also gives them a good idea of why they should do business with you. Just as important as getting all of the needed information in your company bio is tailoring it to the potential reader.

Since you know who your potential clients or customers are, you just need to write as though you are speaking to them. That means if you have a company that offers more serious services, such as a boutique law firm or accounting business, you should write in a tone that appeals to people seeking legal or accounting help.

People want to know how their fur kids and human kids will have a great time using your services, and you can be a lot more playful in your company bio. In this case, having a more serious or dry company bio may turn people off of your service.

If you are unsure of the tone to use in your corporate biography template, imagine that you are having a conversation with your ideal client or customer. Write how you would explain everything to them.


While there is no set length, the biography of a company should include all pertinent information without doing in too much detail. The perk of including an "About Us" page on your website is that you can link from that page to other pages that go into more detail. In that way, you can keep your website pages briefer.This Marketing Executive job description template is optimized for posting on online job boards or careers pages and easy to customize for your company.

Post now on job boards. We are looking for a talented Marketing Executive to undertake marketing projects for the benefit of our company.

Start a free Workable trial and post your ad on the most popular job boards today. Skip to content. Available in English. Maintain relationships with media vendors and publishers to ensure collaboration in promotional activities Monitor progress of campaigns using various metrics and submit reports of performance Collaborate with managers in preparing budgets and monitoring expenses Requirements Proven experience as marketing executive or similar role Good understanding of market research techniques, data analysis and statistics methods Thorough knowledge of strategic planning principles and marketing best practices Proficient in MS Office and marketing software e.

CRM Familiarity with social media and web analytics e. Type a city. Post now.For recent college graduates or those who do not have previous marketing experience, an entry-level marketing job is the best way to break into the industry. Related: Can Anyone be a Marketer? Once an entry-level employee demonstrates competence to perform basic tasks, more opportunities to expand the role usually happen. Related: JobSeeker Series.

Entry-level marketing jobs may not be glamorous, but they lend a basic understanding of the inner workings of the business, while laying the groundwork for the soft skills that will be crucial for long-term career development. Experience required: years Average Salary: K Other job titles:. The next logical step in the career path is marketing management.

Marketing managers establish, maintain, and evaluate marketing strategies. This role requires an additional character trait of leadership, as marketing managers have to orchestrate the execution of the marketing strategy and establish processes, while nurturing entry-level employee growth.

The director of marketing focuses on the marketing strategy itself. After receiving research and reports from marketing managers that detail market conditions, customer data, and the competitor activities, marketing directors adjust the overall strategy with the aim of fulfilling business goals.

The Vice President of Marketing role requires a mixture of leadership, technical, and business skills. The modern-day CMO does not have a generic, one-size-fits-all background. They are responsible for heading all areas of marketing, including developing, planning, and overseeing the execution of all marketing initiatives. While this is a useful outline of a conventional marketing career path, it is not comprehensive.

bibliography of marketing management company job

There are many different kinds of marketers: brand marketers, cultural anthropologists, marketing technologists, agency marketers, marketing consultants, and many different job roles and responsibilities that fall under each category. Related: Agencies are from Mars, and Marketers are from Venus.

Unfortunately, understanding how to break into the marketing industry, the skills needed to be successful in marketing, and the entire marketing landscape can be difficult. Conference attendees gain insight into what it takes to become a successful marketing professional. Read more about how we can help you here: Set up Offers Marketing Recruiting. At Set upwe work with a number of outstanding and award-winning marketing agencies. Despite throwing hurdles at the world, our partners still managed to shine.

Working with such impressive companies motivates us to continue to make connections, and they truly got us through the year. The full conversation covers her career path from politics to marketing, ability to form connections within her organization to succeed, and working for a purpose-driven company and ever-changing Healthcare industry.

In the past few months, Set up has spoken to marketing executives in different industries spanning from IT to Entertainment to gauge how companies are adapting during this time. In the conversations, frequent trends brought up included focusing on innovation, building consumer trust, and streamlining diversity and inclusion efforts.

Marketing, Sales and Advertising Bibliography

How did retailers effectively change Black Friday to adjust to the current needs of the pandemic? Since COVID has uniquely impacted the Healthcare industry in particular, we reached out to some marketing Healthcare experts to get their perspective on communicating with consumers to develop trust and changes in the industry moving forward.

Our November MarketingMixer focused on providing an avenue for marketers to share their trials and triumphs during This intimate event allowed marketing professionals to network directly with one another in breakout rooms, and then share their successes and obstacles with one another in the main room.

Marketers walked away with new insights, connections, and the desire to learn more from different industries and perspectives.Help children separate reality from fantasy. Watch TV and movies with them and ask lots of questions to reinforce the distinction between the two. Remember to include advertising in your discussions, as those messages are especially powerful.

How to Talk about Marijuana For a comprehensive discussion guide, including common teen questions and suggested responses, download our complete Marijuana Talk Kit. Get the marijuana talk kit now What to Say to Your Teenager About Drugs (13-18 year olds) This is a pivotal time for parents in helping kids make positive choices when faced with drugs and alcohol.

What to Say High school is going to be a ton of fun, and we want you to have a great time.

bibliography of marketing management company job

What to Say It seems like you are hanging with a different crowd than you have in the past. Scenario Your high schooler comes home smelling of alcohol or cigarette smoke for the first time. What to Say The response should be measured, quiet and serious not yelling, shouting or overly emotional. Research shows that kids are less likely to use tobacco, alcohol and other drugs if their parents have established a pattern of setting clear rules and consequences for breaking those rules.

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Short Biography Example for Chief Marketing Officer (Sample Bio)

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